Sheffield Learning Activity

Sabine Little of Sheffield University very kindly hosted a small but enterprising team for a week-long learning activity, as part of the next stage of development for our Make Learning Meaningful Mooc.

Present were: Sabine Little (University of Sheffield); Hanna Sauerborn (University of Education); Katja Schneider (Adolf-Reichwein Schule); Sam Cogan (NCI); Enda O’Flaherty (primary teacher, for NCI); Liz Chamberlin (Open University).

Liz from the Open University facilitated several sessions and gave a very informative talk and discussion on everything MOOC related. The stages of MOOC development were explored and we undertook activities where we focused on what we wanted our final product to look like and what it should consist of. We looked at other examples of MOOCs and discussed aspects if the features we liked and didn’t like.  We discussed the skeleton for one section of our MOOC. Sam gave the team an overview if how he would imagine the MOOC to look, and gave a description of its look, feel and functionality. We were also introduced into different technologies to use for our Moocs.

At the end of the activity we had reviewed a lot about online learning and different technologies. We are ready to start with the content development and aim to run the first Mooc on language support for children who speak other languages than the instructional language in October 2017. Stay updated!

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